"Discovering Ruth has been a joy. Her skilled and wise selection of exercises and programmes, along with her constant friendly encouragement and vigilant care, have enabled us both to make rapid progress. This has improved our general fitness, and addressed old skiing injuries and the effects of ageing. And all this in a pleasant gym, easily accessible in central Cheltenham." Andrew and Louisa Simon

Exercise for Older Adults Cheltenham

Exercise as We Age

Older Adults ExerciseWhilst exercise is important at all ages it becomes more crucial as we age. We are living longer and relevant, properly tailored exercise is not only fun but it can play a huge role in living a happy and full life in our later years. The known benefits are many but a few of them include;

Maintaining Mobility and Balance – As we age muscle mass, strength and flexibility decline. With regular exercise this decline can be reduced or stopped leading to better coordination, balance, movement and independence.

Weight Control – Metabolism naturally slows with age but through regular exercise and muscle maintenance this can be reduced. Energy expenditure through exercise helps greatly with weight control.

Better Sleep – Exercise is well recognised to improve the quality of sleep and improving a feeling of alertness during the day.

Healthy Mind – Exercise does not only strengthen our muscles and bones but the improved blood flow helps prevent memory loss, aids alertness and multitasking and reduces the chance of mental disease such as dementia. It is well known to boost mood and leave you feeling fantastic!

Disease prevention – Exercise is scientifically proven to reduce the occurrence of numerous diseases. Exercise is good for the heart, lungs and blood vessels and reduces the chance of such diseases as Osteoporosis, Heart Disease, Diabetes, many cancers, dementia, the list goes on.

I can help you with exercise from individual sessions to exercising with a friend or joining in a group class. Just get in touch!

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